Research Areas


Research Areas


1. Pomology : It conducts researches on micropropa-gation  of  fruit  trees,  plant  tissue  analysis, controlled-atmosphere  storage  of  tropical fruits, off-season production of fruits, mineral absorption of fruit trees, horticultural management, and improving  production  of  grapevine,  papaya, mango, and Indian jujube.


2. Olericulture: The vegetable programs feature the influences of environmental factors upon crop yield and its quality, improving seed quality and viability, plug seedling production system, growth medium, and delicate horticulture.


3. Floriculture: Researches concentrate on the impro- vements of flower seedlings production techniques, regulation of flowering period, flower quality improvement, breeding and handling or storage of cut flowers.


4. Biotechnology: It conducts researches on innovation and development of the novel orchids by gene transformation, developing the transgenic plants as bioreactor,  as  well  as  establishment  of  the molecular markers in horticultural crops.


5. Landscape Gardening: The programs highlight the planning and designing of outdoor spaces. Researches have been emphasized on the landscape evaluation and their applications, the testing of planting design principles, computer simulation, landscape ecology, the development and management of natural resources, as well as the benefits of landscape.