About Us

Teaching and Research Facility
1.  Teaching Facility and Laboratory
There are four undergraduate teaching classrooms, three graduate teaching classrooms, one drafting class-room, one seminar classroom, two conference room, and library information room, as well as faculty and graduate student offices in Department's building. Laboratories specialized for teaching and research of various sections of this Department include pomology, vegetable crops, floriculture, biotechnology, plant mineral nutrition, plant tissue culture, horticultural products handling, and landscape horticulture. In addition, we also have a landscape design studio and an advanced computer classroom for the landscape majors. All laboratories are equipped with up-to date facilities and scientific instruments. Deep-freezing refrigerators, sterile culture rooms, phytotron and plant growth chambers are also furnished for teaching and research.

2.  Experiment Farm
There are five greenhouses, one transgenic plants greenhouse, two cultural practice fields, and one landscape-demonstrating field on campus. Besides, two research farms, Highland Horticultural Research Farm locating in Jen-Ai Village, Nan Tou County, and Viticulture Research Farm in the suburb of Taichung, provide teaching, research, and extension services.

3.  Equipment and Instrument
The scientific instruments include: Atomic Absorption Spectrometry, Cell Microinjection Appa-ratus, Laser Densitometry, High-Performance Liquid Chromatographer, Temperature and Humidity Chambers, Automatic Seeding Operation System, High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge, Digital Color Laser Copy Machine, Portable Photosynthesis and Transpiration System, Spectrophotometers, Gas Chromatograph System, Plant Water Potential Instru-ment, Electroporator, Gene Gun Instrument, Cell Fusion Apparatus, Vegetables Germplasm Storage Room, Thermal Gradient Germination Table, Gradient PCR Instrument, Fluorescent Inverted Microscope, Stomata Conductance Instrument, and Photosynthetic Apparatus.

4.  Books and Journals
The library of Horticulture Department has a collection of five thousands books and one hundred and forty volumes of journals, periodicals and reports written in Chinese, English and Japanese.