• Ching-Lung Lee
    Chair Professor
    04-22840340 #503
    Fruit tree Fruiting physiology
    Development and Utilization of Horticultural Resources
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  • Ching-Chang Shiesh
    Adjunct Associate Professor
    Post-harvest processing technology of horticultural products

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  • Bing-Shiunn Chen
    Adjunct Lecturer
    04-22840340 #413
    Fruit tree propagation technology
    The application of plant growth regulator in fruit trees
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  • Menq-Jiau Tseng
    Adjunct Professor
    04-22840340 #507
    Environmental Physiology of Horticultural Plants
    molecular biology、
    biotechnology of horticultural crops
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  • Sung, Yu
    Adjunct Professor
    Seed science
    Vegetable breeding
    Seedling prodoction
    Vegetable breeding and seed production
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  • Wen-Shann Lee
    Adjunct Associate Professor
    04-22840340 #605
    Plant physiology and crop management, Organic farming, Farm planning and management, Crop production under protective structures
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  • Shen-Lin Lin
    Adjunct Lecturer
    04-22840340 #707
    Plant physiology
    grass cultivation
    Flower cultivation
    Facility gardening
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  • Sheng-Jung Ou
    Adjunct Professor
    04-22840340 #813
    Landscape design
    Landscape Planning
    Marketing of Recreation Resource
    Horticultural therapy
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  • Chih-Cheng Weng
    Adjunct Assistant Professor of Practic
    傳真 04-22860574
    Landscape engineering
    Landscape and administrative regulations
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