• Jer-Chia Chang
    Distinguished Professor and Chair
    Physiology and Productivity of Fruit Crops;
    Ecophysiology; Photosynthesis
    Sink-Source Relations
    Reproductive Biology
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  • Huey-Ling Lin
    Mineral Nutrition in Tropical Fruits tree
    Postharvest Technology of Tropical Fruits
    Diagnosis of Mineral Disorder in Horticultural Crops
    Plant Mineral Nutrition
    Special Topics in Physiology of Fruit Tree
    Special Topics in Pomology
    Experimental Methods in Hort
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  • Syuan-You Lin
    Assist. Professor
    Dormancy physiology in deciduous fruit crops
    Plant growth regulators
    Small fruit production and physiology
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  • Chang-Lin Chen
    Assist. Professor
    Stress Physiology
    Post-Harvest Handling of Horticulture Crops
    Breeding of Stress-Tolerant Crops
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  • Lan-Yen Chang
    Assist. Professor
    04-22840340 #709
    Postharvest techniques improvement and stress physiology research for fruit, vegetable and ornamental plants.
    Longan breeding and cultivation practice.
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  • Hung-Ming Tu
    Assist. Professor
    Landscape Planning
    Landscape Ecology
    Horticultural Activities
    Leisure and Recreation
    National Land Policy
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