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Organization and activities

1. Viticulture Research Station
The Viticulture Research Station (also known as the Grape Center) was established in 1986. The leadership of the Department of Horticulture promoted the establishment of HES. HES received a grant from the Council of Agriculture and Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation and were officially established in July
1986. In addition to the vineyard, the leadership planned to establish orchards as well as flower and vegetable internships and to plant various horticultural crops.


Main activities are as follows:
  • Improving the quality of grapes via the practices of pruning and training, rootstock selection, and off-season production.
  • Monitoring the production and field management of grape.
  • Producing virus-free seedlings, such as grapevine, papaya, and passion fruit, using micropropagation through shoot–tip cultures.
  • Supporting the teaching programs offered in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, particularly in the Department of Horticulture
  • Conducting basic and applied research to improve other horticultural crop productivity, i.e., flower and vegetable.
  • Providing international collaboration, expansion, and consulting services on cultivation techniques for horticultural crops

2. Highland Branch Station
Highland Branch Station is located in North Dongyanshan, Ren’ai Township, Nantou County, and it is 2,078 m above sea level. The site is one of the places that developed the temperate fruit tree in Taiwan. Currently, there are fruit tree areas, flower areas, and vegetable areas, and tea field and special crop areas, and it is essential institute for teaching and research in NCHU and Central Taiwan.


Main activities are as follows:
•       Collection, conservation, research, utilization, and extension of temperate fruit crops, such as pears, apples,
        kiwi fruits, and plums.
•       Conservation and extension of bulb flowers
•       Conservation and extension of vegetables
•       Production of tea.